Binding Off

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Since Britisher has brought up the subject of binding off, I would be interested in hearing how others handle bind offs. Any little-known techniques or techniques that are better for some uses than others?


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To me it really depends on

To me it really depends on what edge the bind off is on. But these days I find I'm unsatisfied with exposed bound off edges. I find it difficult to make a garment look "professional" if I leave bound off edges naked (with exception to the i-cord bind off). Usually the edge of the work is hemmed or I sew a band on top of the bind off. In these cases I just use the quickest bind off or whichever one I might want to practice since its being covered up anyway. It takes a little extra time but its a simple step that sharpens up any edge (also on the cast on edge!).

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I also really like the sewn

I also really like the sewn bind off and use it more than any other.


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I like Elizabeth Zimmermann

I like Elizabeth Zimmermann 's sewn cast off especially for ribbing. On garter stitch I usually bind off loosely in purl on the wrong side - also a favourite of EZ.