Question on yarn thickness

I'm new to knitting, fairly new, I've made small items. I began work on my first large item a week ago, a hoodie. I found the pattern in a Leisure Arts pattern book, Awesome Knits for Guys and Chicks. I went straight into the hoodie with the right needles and everything, but I overlooked one thing... the pattern calls for #6 Super Bulky, or chunky, yarn. I've been using #4 Medium yarn and have already completed a whole sleeve. I put the finished sleeve on my arm and it seems to fit just fine. But I'm worried as I go on, the wrong yarn is going to cause a problem somewhere. For now, I'm continuing the project, hoping that using medium instead of super bulky will only result in a thinner hoodie and not a smaller one. Anyone reading this know what I should do?


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Yes, as MMario said check

Yes, as
MMario said check your guage (how many stitches you have per inch and rows) any reliable pattern will have this an if yours is the same then you're good and your hoodie will just be thinner.

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Did they give you a gauge

Did they give you a gauge and are you hitting it? (seems like, if the sleeve fits)

If so, and you are okay with the look of the fabric you should be okay. I

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