Ene's Scarf

Hey Guys! Wanted to show you some photos of my most recent project.  Its a lace shawl based off of traditional Estonian Lace patterns by Nancy Bush.

I used a laceweight silk/wool blend, and i couldn't be happier with the end product. 


Ene's Scarf

  for the full update, check out my blog.  more pictures and an in-depth breakdown can be found there.


Ene's Scarf



 here it is being modeled by its recipient.

keep on knittin! 



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Wow!  That is one awesome

Wow!  That is one awesome shawl!  And the color is gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing with us.

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I am always amazed by

I am always amazed by knitted lace and this shawl is no exception!  It is as beautiful as is the lucky recipient.  I always wondered who would wear a shawl today,  picturing maiden aunts wearing shawls but I see that I'm out of touch!  Well done!


I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.