Back Tracking: First Circular Lace Project Finally Blocked

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As you may have gathered, I've been trying to catch up and block all the lace projects I've completed but never took the time to block. Here is my first completed circular lace project: Stor Lysedug Doily. It's a doily pattern that many of you might know but I knit it shawl size using Knit Picks Palette. I can't remember the needle size but probably a #7 US (4.5 mm) or #8 US (5 mm). I didn't crochet the outside border so my blocking into points is a bit untraditional for the pattern. It is 57" in diameter.

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What can I say Tom, yet

What can I say Tom, yet again another stunning piece.
You got me all "laced" up again and after seeing your beautiful work I decided to start another lace project. Congrats

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Happy that I could oblige.

Happy that I could oblige.

So beautiful. I find lace

So beautiful. I find lace work wonderful to look at. You are a talent.

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A work of art. I am going

A work of art. I am going to do this in fine linen for a table. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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That's beautiful Tom. Have

That's beautiful Tom. Have you used blocking wires?

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No, I don't use blocking

No, I don't use blocking wires. I lay a piece of heavy, clear plastic down and using permanent markers I draw a circle and then divide the circle into how many ever segments I need, in this case 48 segments. Then, I extend the "segment lines" outward using a board as a rule. I then, place the clear plastic sheet onto my rigid insulation blocking board.

Then, I figure out my shawl radius and place a mark on each segment line at the distance of the radius. That mark shows me when to put my T-pin. Once I've figured out where my T-pins go, I place the wet shawl onto the blocking board and start blocking it, pinning at opposite ends of the diameter lines. In case I misjudge my radius length (which I usually do), I can just "move" my pin mark out to where it needs to be. Once I figure out the longer radius length, I mark each (of the 48, in this case) new T-pin mark, stretch out the shawl and insert the T-pins.

I hope that makes sense.

It may seem like quite an involved method but I'm very anal retentive about getting perfect, circular blockings so it works for me. I save the plastic sheets and use them over again. In this case, I can use the 48-point sheet for a 24-point shawl, a 12-point shawl, etc.

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Thanks Tom, explained

Thanks Tom, explained perfectly. I've never tried a circular shawl.

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Unbelievable! You do

Unbelievable! You do incredibly beautiful work!

Another envy making piece

Another envy making piece Tom. I really love it.

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Spectacular, tom! What did

Spectacular, tom! What did you get for diameter? I remeber that when I knit it as a shawl I had to increase the number of rows.

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Thanks, Mario. I blocked it

Thanks, Mario. I blocked it really hard to a 57" diameter. I'm hoping that is large enough at least for a lap robe.

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A lot of lap robes are about

A lot of lap robes are about 40 inches square - so I'd say 57 inches is generous.

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That is just gorgeous! Randy

That is just gorgeous!