Hello after a while

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Well, having a baby certainly slowed down my knitting--at least for a while. But now that we've had some cold mornings, I've pulled out my stash and started working again. Here is Thumper in his newest sweater. More warm knit things to follow this winter.


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I'm on a diet, no sweets!

I'm on a diet, no sweets! omg how cute is that face!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I can't believe how big

I can't believe how big Thumper looks already! (and so handsome) It seems like just the other day you posted new born pictures in an outfit you made. I am sure your life has really changed!


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ditto. i feel warm inside

ditto. i feel warm inside

What a beautiful smile - I

What a beautiful smile - I can't stop grinning back at him! Good looking sweater as well.

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Seriously, Thumper's face

Seriously, Thumper's face makes me smile SO MUCH! My cheeks actually hurt!

Someone should pay him to smile at people for a living. It would make the world a better place.

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Great to see you back. I

Great to see you back. I look forward to a ongoing flow of pics of Thumper's new outfits.....but I really want Thumper's beautiful face in front of me too. What a gorgeous child. - phil

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What a cutie.... (The

What a cutie....
(The sweater and the baby!)

My daughter's almost three -- do you believe in arranged marriages? :-)

Grace and Peace,

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Great look: both Thumper

Great look: both Thumper and sweater.

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Just adorable, Thumper

Just adorable, Thumper certainly has gotten big!


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That's one happy kid!

That's one happy kid!

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*dies from cuteness-induced

*dies from cuteness-induced diabetes*

What a beautiful sweater on a beautiful child!