Binary Scarf conversion

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So I am helping a friend of mine make the Binary scarf from Knitty for her boyfriend. She does not want to do in in the round, so I am trying to convert it into a double knit. I know how to double knit, but have not done it a lot, but shouldn't the coversion be just like a normal round-to-flat coversion, but doubled? Any ideas?


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depends on where it bit you,

depends on where it bit you, i suppose

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Turning it into double knit

Turning it into double knit would be pretty easy -- The only problem is one side would be black with green numbers and the other would be green with black numbers. If you're okay with that, then CO 66 and double knit away!

Because the pattern is essentially a grid you could do something like "exchequered" with the numbers... or would that be too "Matrix" like?

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Double Knitting boggles my

Double Knitting boggles my mind! I am just now doing two socks at a time using two circulars each with it's own ball of yarn. There have been a couple moments of utter confusion but, thankfully, it is working out well. Perhaps this is a good "primer" for the double knit.

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And nothing about the swan

And nothing about the swan that attacked me is going to help me with my double knitting problems.

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I'm totally freaked out,

I'm totally freaked out, now. Black swans keep appearing in my life....

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I thought they were really

I thought they were really cool. This was taken in the botanical garden in Melbourn last year. It was very big....and black....and I was surprised.

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Big Black and surprised,

Big Black and surprised, Ok boys, there is a rope near the door to help you all pull your minds out of the gutter!

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OMG...I just read that

OMG...I just read that aloud...

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You DO know black swans are

You DO know black swans are EXTREMELY monogamous and exhibit homosexual behavior, yes?

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All I know was that when I

All I know was that when I got near it, it was not happy. It decided to chase me. I ran.

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Andrew, Andrew, Andrew....

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.... this is the 21st Century! There is no need to run from a big black male (swan) who is interested in you, monogomy and homosexual behavior!

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I wasn't afraid he was going

I wasn't afraid he was going to try and mate with me, I was afraid he was going to bite me. It hurts, and I am pretty sure that a hospital would just laugh at me, and then fine me for interfering with the wildlife.