That would be a "whoopsie"

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I had done a summer-highlander outfit with a cotton blouse, white linen cotten kilt, wool leggings and matching sporin, and my alpaca mohair sash... wore it to compliments 2 years ago Halloween in Seattle. Didn't have a chance to do up a new costume, so I dug it up again, and AMAZINGLY found all the bits... the calf-leggings (made from the sleeves of an old wool sweater, were in the mudroom, under some shoes... They had become some impressive moth-food. The holes were IMPRESSIVE. The sporin, in my woolen closet (which is full of bars of irish-spring soap (a trick I learned, instead of moth balls) was untouched. There have been very little in way of moths in the flat this year (which is a trick, living in the country, I'll tell you). But when I found those damaged leggins, I FREAKED A BIT! Went through all my sweaters... No damage or trace of moths. Must be from being left in the mudroom in the back of the closet.


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the holes in the leggings

the holes in the leggings could also have been mice, cockroaches or other vermin going after salt.....

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Ditto on the pictures!!!!

Ditto on the pictures!!!!

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A "mudroom"? a "mud-room"?

A "mudroom"? a "mud-room"? I don't know that we have these in England, at least not in our urban areas, but they sound jolly handy. What is a mudroom exactly? Can't say I've heard of Irish-spring soap either, come to think of it, but it should be easy to obtain here as it's only a few miles of water between them and us.

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A mud-room is where we

A mud-room is where we British would keep our wellies, walking boots, water proof coats, dog leads, walking sticks, sports kit and all the other things it's best to strip out of before going in to the main part of the house.

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Thanks for that.

Thanks for that. Fortunately, I don't own any items on your list. Maybe that's why I don't have a mud-room and have never heard of one. lol.

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YES, being a gardener...It's

YES, being a gardener...It's where I enter the house, and strip off my muddy/wet clothes before grabbing a beer and heading off to the bathroom to soak in a hot bath (filled with rosemary and juniper scented suds... I may be a brute, but I am a CULTURED brute).

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can we get pix of you in

can we get pix of you in costume, and then you in the state of being just after having used the mudroom for what its worth and before the tub? :P
Change your thoughts; change your world.

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OR NOT!!! LOL (maybe you'll


(maybe you'll have to wait for the MWK calendar.

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PICTURES, my good man,

PICTURES, my good man, PICTURES!!! I want to see the whole costume so I can truly understand and appreciate!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I will have to keep that in mind!

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Thanks for the chuckle ? I

Thanks for the chuckle ? I agree with Bill... it is out to buy Irish Spring. LOL

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bars of irish-spring

bars of irish-spring soap...
I'm running right out to buy some!!!!

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And for those who appreciate

And for those who appreciate it, It makes your place smell like a freshly showered Irish Rugby team... (well, I certainly appreciate it).