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I love youtube, sometimes I can surf there for hours. I learn some great things there but this.....

sorry about it being german, I think it's a conspiracy, Oliver likes to show me youtube videos (fellow addict) and one day my browser went to the german site and now I can't get it off, I've tried everything short of formating my hard drive. eh, I know enough german to navigate it :p the video is in english however and it's really not the commentary you want to see it for anyway.

I'm just amazed. and a tiny bit disgusted too.


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Like knitting with DPN's

Like knitting with DPN's aren't difficult enough for the uninitiated... Good Grief!

I felt like I was watching

I felt like I was watching some lobster knit, clickity clack. What was that? Did I miss something?

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just my total and utter

just my total and utter amazement that this woman could knit with those things, it would driave me nuts! my nails are maybe 1/4 inch long and any longer I am filing them down. when nails are too long, well, I think there's just too much disgusting things you can be carrying around under them :/
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youtube gave me an error

youtube gave me an error saying: "malformed video id"
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I'm speechless.

I'm speechless.

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I had this same problem, but

I had this same problem, but I somehow got my You Tube video in Japanese! next to the you tube logo in the upper left corner of the screen. there are two words to the right of the logo, click on the second to the right and select the language you would like to have you tube presented in.


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tried that already, still

tried that already, still german LOL conspiracy I tell you! It's ok, I made them promise when germany takes over the world, I get to be the queen.

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