Anyone also crochet?

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Does anyone also crochet? I was knitting and someone asked me if I crochet. I said no (because I don't). They asked why I only did the one. Basically for me it was because the person who taught me only knew how to knit.
Anyway, she was saying that she found crocheting easier and less stressful than knitting (mistakes less common and easier to back up and fix).

I wanted other people's opinion on this.
If you have any experience, let me know. I think I am now interested in also learning how to crochet so I can decide for myself.

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MMario, I think that's why

MMario, I think that's why crochet is more often used for big things like afghans. My sweetheart (who's now my wife of 29 years) crocheted me a big lacy afghan that's perfect when it's not too cold, but you just want a little something. I'm not sure how you'd ever do something like that with knitting. I've also got another friend who's making me one for Christmas (remember the old principle, everything takes longer than it should) that she says will probably be the warmest cover I've ever experienced. Great for these cold nights we've been having.

Plus, as you say, you can cover a lot more area with a big crochet stitch, that would take several knitting stitches to do the same thing.

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I watched a knitting show on

I watched a knitting show on PBS the other day and they had a "crochet corner." The lady was doing things with double crochet and more, where each stitch extended the work by up to an inch. It made interesting patterns.

I'm like several of you, I am primarily a knitter, but I intend to learn crochet at some point. I think it would be useful for certain projects. My wife and daughter both crochet and can't get their heads around knitting. My daughter is mystified how you pull a stitch through the loop without a hook. :-)

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Learning to crochet is on my

Learning to crochet is on my To Do list for next year. I want to be able to combine crochet with my knitting.

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both have their perks.

both have their perks.

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i do crochet and is easier

i do crochet and is easier and faster for me... but i like the whole knitting feeling... !!! you know what i mean!!

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I have crocheted for about

I have crocheted for about 28 years. My grandmother taught me when I was a young 'un. She never knew how to knit and wanted me to learn since I was so interested in crochet. Sadly she passed away before I ever learned to knit, so about 10 years ago I learned to knit and have been knitting ever since.

I would consider myself skilled at both and definitely have preferences as to which I do according to the project. I like to crochet when making afghans, doilies, and sometimes hats and scarves. I prefer to knit sweaters, socks, dish clothes, and most hats and scarves.

I devote most of my time now to knitting, but have crocheted more than 20 afghans. I've only knit two afghans since I've been knitting (talk about a commitment...whew).

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I'm another guy who crochets

I'm another guy who crochets more than knits, which is probably why I don't post all that much: I don't have much to show for it.
I hope to do both equally well someday. It seemed when I learned crochet, I had a lot more time to develop. I've only recently learned knitting (VERY basic knitting), and just haven't had that gift of time to really develop past Knit & Purl. But, I just love (enviously) looking at all the great stuff you guys put out here :)
As Mmario mentioned, even though crocheted fabric can typically be somewhat stiffer or heavier that knitting, you can create some very nice, soft and flowing textures by using softer yarn, smaller hooks, or an open weave type of stitch, especially when doing a scarf.

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btw - you'll see crochet

btw - you'll see crochet posted here....have you seen the tapestry crochet hats from Andy?

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I have crocheted for over 30

I have crocheted for over 30 years. I enjoy it alot. I have made afghans, doilies, tablecloths bedspreads and baby things. I wanted to try something different so I started to knit a few months ago. I like the knitting as well as crochet.

Yes, I do. In fact, I

Yes, I do. In fact, I crochet better than I knit (and enjoy it more, actually. I'm a heathen). I've made pot-holders, scarves, and afghans.

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being a heathen is

being a heathen is forgivable... preferring crochet over knitting though.... I'm not so sure about that ;-)

Grace and Peace,

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I've done both and change

I've done both and change from one to the other whenever I get the hankering. If I make a mistake in crochet, the only way to fix it is to undo everything back to the error. With knitting, sometimes (depending on the kind of mistake) I can grab a crochet hook, drop the stitch at the top of the column down to the error and reknit/repurl the column of stitches back up using the hook from the front or back of the bottom stitch. Randy is right about the difference in loops. If a needle falls out of your work in knitting, you have a whole row of live stitches that can ladder down or unravel, whereas with crochet, if your hook falls out, the only live stitch is the one you were working on.

I only know how to do edges

I only know how to do edges on stuff. But I really want to make a tablecloth. Anyone have any easy ideas...throw it my way.

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I do both. It depends on

I do both. It depends on what I want. I made us a lace tablecloth, which I really love. I have started a bedspread but only work on it off and on. I think I prefer knitting, crocheting directions sometimes get too complicated. I did just finish an afghan and used both knitting stitches and crochet stitches. Crochet projects are usually easier to travel with.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I do both myself and sometimes combine both

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I do both, I taught myself

I do both, I taught myself how to crochet when I was 7, but I enjoy knitting much more, I wanted to learn how to knit because all the really nice stuff is knitted :p I crochet when I want to do something fast, to finish something.

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Yup 0 if I want the same

Yup 0 if I want the same sort of drape in a crocheted fabric as in a knit I do one of several things:

a) go to a thinner yarn, probably maintain hook size

b) increase hook size

c) change all the sc to double or trebles, doubles to trebles or quadruples, etc.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I can crochet but don't do

I can crochet but don't do it often. It is easier to backup and fix mistakes as you only have one active stitch at a time. I find knitting much more versatile in the type of fabrics you can produce, crocheted fabrics are usually heavier and stiffer.


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So a scarf made with

So a scarf made with crocheting will be heavier and stiffer than a scarf made knitting even though they use the same yarn? The stitches themselves can really have that much of an impact?

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In my experience, yes.

In my experience, yes. Crocheting is a series of knots where as knitting is loops. Crocheting will also on average take approx. 30 % more yarn than knitting.


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I think the reason people

I think the reason people consider crochet "faster" is that it is normally done on a larger scale then the equivilant knitting. But when done in the teensy threads and hooks for the fancier stuff it really isn't faster at all.

For the same size yarn and needle/hook crochet uses about 30% more yarn and produces a thicker, stiffer fabric.

though there is the point that a lot of crochet patterns include so much non-fabric space that the total area covered is much faster - but I don't think you can compatre the two at that point.