OMG I'm going to be a grandma AGAIN!

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I just found out today that my daughter is pregnant. I don't know how to knit baby things, don't they just knit themselves? aren't there little knitting elves or something? I will try laying out needles and yarn tonight to see what happens.

She's due June 14th. Am I completely evil to laugh like mad and tell her happy birthday? (her birthday is June 12th) Torturing my children is the only thing I have to look forward to now that they are almost all grown and out of the house.


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I am going to try Elizabeth

I am going to try Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket for a co-worker who will be having a baby in the next couple of months. Looks like a really fun pattern and interesting pattern.

I hope that you will be able to enjoy this new baby.


I can relate to the futility

I can relate to the futility of knitting for messy little kids even though I love kids too. My partner and I raised 5. Sometime around the time child nunber 3 came into our lives we thought it would be really time (and smell) saving if we just put them in 30 gallon trash bags tied at the neck. We could simply leave the bag on until they were 5 when we sent them off to school. This way somebody else could deal with it! LOL
Congratualtions on your grandchild...BTW do not take up our idea we found the Department of Child Welfare frowned on the plan.

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Thanks! yes they also frown

Thanks! yes they also frown on the idea of hanging them upside down in the closet, chaining them to ANYTHING and putting thier food into a dog dish so you don't have to fix something as often.

I like being a grandma, I can send spoiling gifts and if she complains too much, I either hang up the phone or log off the computer. :p

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Congratulations! I just

Congratulations! I just recently found out I'm going to be a great grandfather, I'm much too young for that and they are much too young to be having a baby but what can you do. I have been working on a Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater which is going quite well.


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congrats to you too! I'm

congrats to you too! I'm way to young to have 2 grandchildren myself, the other is 8 now O.o I have no idea what to knit, I didn't knit when the first was born so I made him a quilt, she wants it to be a surprise so I don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl. I dont' even have baby type yarns, because I hate pastels. I guess I have to buy yarn O.o

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Be a MODERN grandmother and

Be a MODERN grandmother and make something for the kid in bright crayon or jewel tones. Pastels are passe. And avoid blue OR pink.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Puh, but I want to do

Puh, but I want to do something in black, and paint it's little nails black, maybe I could knit it up a black cloak with skulls.

*sigh* I dont' wanna grow up

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son of stitch and bitch has

son of stitch and bitch has some skull and crossbones patterns. also, just came back from france and everything is knit, including some very chic expensive designed women's tops with...skull and crossbones patterns in them

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Congratulations! You should try the Five hour Baby Sweater Pattern and see how it comes out!

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oh I'll have to find that

oh I'll have to find that pattern! I'm kind of a goth/techno kinda girl, so I was thinking something in black with splashes of color thrown in, she's forbidden it, guess I'm going with either bright colors or pastels :(

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congrats. for my taste,

congrats. for my taste, since they're so messy and unpredictable, i think kids should be kept in washable plastic outfits until they can get the eating thing and pooping thing down. why waste good knitting on baby spew? i am kidding. i love children. really. but they're not my most realiable employees

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they can be reliable, if

they can be reliable, if you pay them in food, I have found that sitting down to a nice hot meal while they look on works wonders!

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