knitter's thumb?

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Hey guys,

I've developed tendinitis in the base of my right thumb. The doc says it's pretty clearly a repetitive motion thing, and we both chalked it up to my pottery work. But, I've done no pottery now for three or four days and it hurts like heck today - and I've been knitting all day. Maybe it's a combination of the knitting and the throwing, but I wondered if anyone else has had anything like this? I've never hurt myself knitting before....

Jonathan in DC


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I get that pain, and it

I get that pain, and it stinks. When you can't knit because of it, you start to panic. I get pain in my thumb mostly from crocheting. It's actually one of the reasons I started to knit. The change in action allowed me to continue handling yarn without the pain. I also find that using a regular crochet hook aggravates it, so I began using a set of hooks made by ProvoCraft that have an ergonomic handle. I almost can't do without it now.
One thing you might want to try is some fingerless therapeutic gloves. (You can find these at a lot of pharmacies.) It may not totally solve the problem, but it may hurt less with the added warmth and support.
Also: have you tried using circular needles, even for flat knitting? It's worth a try just to see if the difference helps the pain at all. You'll know in a minute or two of using them if that helps.
I came across these unusual square (!) knitting needles (dpns and circulars only), that are touted to be easier on the hands. Here's the link:
Ergonomic crochet hooks work for me, but I have no idea if these would help you.
Finally, if nothing seems to work for, and you find yourself becoming desperate to knit, you could try using a circular loom for a time. Again, this might allow you to at least create something with yarn relatively pain free while you heal. I recently saw a book of patterns for the circular looms in Barnes and Noble. I was surprised to see the the relative complexity and variety of items that you can make.
Wishing you pain-free knitting :)

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I have this problem to, and

I have this problem to, and I'm still 29, just like for the past 12 years.

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I agree with

I agree with is an age thing and an individual's propensity to experience arthritis! There are three things that I have tried that seem to help: 1) eat nine golden raisins a day that have been soaked in gin; 2) take one teaspoon of cherry concentrate a day; and 3) winter in southern Arizona!

Knit on and on and on...........

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Rex, Just to confirm that


Just to confirm that raisin remedy, shouldn't that be sloe gin? I've heard it was the sloe (ie juniper berry extract-y stuff) that was needed?


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Haven't used sloe

Haven't used sloe gin..........regular seems to do the trick!

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I heard it was nine glasses

I heard it was nine glasses of gin in which a golden raisen has been soaked.

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ditto. stay drunk and

ditto. stay drunk and arthiritis never seems to be an issue :) KEEPING A DRIVER'S LICENSE IS TRICKY, BUT...

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That's what bicycles are

That's what bicycles are for!

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did you hear about the guy

did you hear about the guy in i think sweden who was arrested driving his lawnmower drunk. he thought it was safer than using his car

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Of course it is, because

Of course it is, because everyone knows it's less painful to be run over and chopped up into little bits then to be run over and have to go through physical therapy!

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g*d I've missed you!

g*d I've missed you!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Your Pottery is beautiful! I am 48.75 lol and I have had problems with some kind of Arthritis, Is never too painful to stop crochet or knitting. I do take a break from doing things once or twice a week, even if I don't want to. When the stiffness is bad or the pain I take a prescription Naproxen and it usually helps that. Hope you feel better soon!

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I have doctor said

I have doctor said it's a form of arthritis...common as we get older.