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Can one knit a raglan sweater in the round, steeking the armholes and then pick up the sleeve stitches and knit down to the cuffs vs. kniting the sleeve separately and then joining them to the body before the raglan decreases? I am trying to visualize this and I feel that to do it this way would result in fabric bunching at the underarms and possibly the cuffs riding up. Any suggestions on this? Thanks, folks.


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Go here... they have a good

Go here... they have a good raglan pattern generator based on YOUR guage top down.

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Thanks, Zach. Veni, vidi,

Thanks, Zach.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I knit them from the top

I knit them from the top down, in the round, and once I get the raglan increases done I just slip the sleeve stitches onto a holder and continue with the body. Then I just work each sleeve once the body is finished. No steeking required.


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How do you handle the neck

How do you handle the neck shaping, if any?

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Albert, for a raglan sweater

Albert, for a raglan sweater in the round I knit the sleeves first and then the body. When you get to placing the arms on the body bind off (or put on spare yarn) the stitches mentioned in the pattern, then just knit the sleeves into their alloted space and away you go. No need to steek, you only have decreases instead of inc/dec and you are not knitting any extra stitches or lines. The only needle work is grafting under the arms. Just completed one a couple of months ago and it worked just fine.

PS - I've missed you.

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Thanks for the input KM.

Thanks for the input KM. Odd, you missed me and I can't get away from myself:)

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If anyone could do it I am

If anyone could do it I am sure you could, Albert. I find that my increases and decreases do not match up. If I were doing it the way you described, I would be decreasing on the way up and increasing on the way down and I would have a great big mess. In addition you would be knitting in the round on the way up but would be knitting back and forth and increasing and joining the arm to the body as you work down. That is definitely two different gauges for me. What you could do is at the underarm, put some stitches on a holder and cast on your sleeve stitches on a spare piece of yarn and then decrease both on the way up. When you are finished with the neck you could unpick the spare yarn and knit the sleeves down. You would have to leave stitches on a holder under the arm because raglans don't meet at angles - in other words the raglan lines do not meet at the side seams. It sounds like a designing nightmare IMHO. I developed my own pattern and knit all my raglans from the top down but the sleeves are joined to the body and I am increasing on both the body and the sleeves and they work out ok. The cuffs never ride up. They are the most comfortable sweaters I have ever had and can be made in any weight or stitch design. I really like the simplicity of stocking stitch and usually use that. I am working on two right now and they are about a week from completion. One in a dk weight from New Lanark Mills and the other in Jamieson and Smith from the Shetland Isles. If you ever decide to make one with a steek, I would love to see it and hear about it.

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I guess it might be doable,

I guess it might be doable, but whether there would be any advantage in the way I am thinking is another question.

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