Finally Blocked my "Summer Into Fall" shawl

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I finished knitting this in early July and just finally got around to blocking it today. Here's a picture of it drying on my blocking board. I used JaggerSpun Maine Line 2/8 in curry color. I started out using a US #7 (4.5 mm) circular needle then switched to a US #8 (5 mm) circular needle. It measures 60" square. I'll try to post another picture of the shawl once it's off the blocking board because this photo is blurry. Pattern information is here: Summer Into Fall Shawl


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Gorgeous Tom! I still

Gorgeous Tom! I still fumble trying to knit lace, and like my attempts at baking a souffle, I think it's time I just toss in the towel. I envy all this lacy knitting you guys are doing!

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BuduR, how wonderful to hear

BuduR, how wonderful to hear from you. Hope all is going well and you're "back in town."

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Tom, what a beautiful shawl,

Tom, what a beautiful shawl, great colour and design, stunningly knitted.

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Kerry, I take that as a real

Kerry, I take that as a real compliment coming from you - one of the kings of lace.

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Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom....!

Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom....! HOW BEAUTIFUL! You have truly inspired me! I am doing very simple, basic, lace shawls right now (2 on needles as gifts) and this just makes me want to get back to MMario designs! Excellent job. Thank you for sharing the pic!

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Thanks for your exuberant

Thanks for your exuberant enthusiasm. Truly appreciated.

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the 'Summer into Fall'

the 'Summer into Fall' pattern is from GoddessKnits.

I *wish* it were mine!

Another stuningly beautiful

Another stuningly beautiful shawl. Its absolutely fantastic Tom. Great job.

Another absolutely fabulous

Another absolutely fabulous piece Tom.

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Thanks, Christine. Always

Thanks, Christine. Always love to hear from you.

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That is absolutely gorgeous

That is absolutely gorgeous Tom. Your lace work is always a treat to look at.


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Thanks, Randy. Appreciate

Thanks, Randy. Appreciate your compliments.

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That's absolutely stunning,

That's absolutely stunning, Tom! You should be very proud.

How long have you been doing lace work? Any tips on good projects for an intermediate knitter new to lace?

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Ray, I've been knitting lace

Ray, I've been knitting lace for about two years. My first real lace project was Stor Lysedug Doily knit using larger needles and fingering weight yarn. Then, I knit MMario's "Queen Anne's Lace Shawl" pattern which I'd highly recommend. It's a great pattern and gives you a ton of satisfaction when it's done because it's so beautiful. Although ... you might want to tackle a lace pattern that's not a circular pattern first if you don't want to deal with using double point needles or magic loop (which is what I use) to deal with the cast-on center.

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Okay - My winter resolution

Okay - My winter resolution its to get back to work on this one. It's been sitting on my bedside table long enough to be eyeing the dust bunnies with a gleam in it's eyes.

(Translation: D*MN! That is GORGEOUS!)

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Thanks, Mario. I'm just

Thanks, Mario. I'm just trying to finish up projects so I'll have time for the snow peacock pattern ... is so beautiful! is so beautiful!

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Thanks, Rob.

Thanks, Rob.

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That is a gorgeous piece of

That is a gorgeous piece of art. The colour is so beautiful. Interested in what you use for a drying board. Great knitting.

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Ron, thanks for your kind

Ron, thanks for your kind words. I use 2 foot by 8 foot pieces of rigid insulation board that I purchased at the local big box home improvement store. For this shawl I only used three sections of the insulation board. Then, I put a piece of clear plastic sheeting over the board onto which I draw my blocking template. Hope this helps.

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omg i love it tom

omg i love it tom

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Thanks. So glad you like it.

Thanks. So glad you like it.