Kids and Knitting

     Today my kids went to a writing club.  One of the mothers in the neighborhood who also home schools thought it would be cool to get other home schoolers together and share their writing, and do a project together. 

     The kids gdt quite excited after they got there.  They wrote and drew pictures and nobody lost hair or threw themselves to the floor!

     Of course my knitting went with. One of the other moms expressed an interest in learning. We talked about the Waldorf Schools.   They actually have a knitting curriculum.  Supposedly it helps kids with meth.  It never helped me, but that's another story!  Anyway, this discussion culminated in me volunteering to do arts and crafts with the kids in my back yard this summer.  Part of the program will be learning to knit. Guys and girls. I am starting the group in June.  We'll post pictures...ummm how does one do that here?

Cheers everyone!  Have a great weekend!









Only 12K, it's $28K next

Only 12K, it's $28K next year at the school where I teach for Pre-K!!!!!!!!!


Knit away, knit away

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Do you teach at a Waldorf

Do you teach at a Waldorf school?  Everything's more expensive in NYC.  She'll be starting the high school next year so tuition is going to go up.  My nephew is starting pre-k at a Montessori school in the fall.  Ihave no idea what my brother and his partner are paying for that.  I know it's less than Waldorf though.

No it's not a Waldorf school

No it's not a Waldorf school just a regular private one. PK through 12th grade. About 1000 students. 


Knit away, knit away

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Hi Jill,  I love your typo

Hi Jill,  I love your typo about knitting helping kids with meth!  It didn't help you or me, either!

I think it's great that you're going to teach the children how to knit.  I do know that there is a academic program (Rudolph Steiner??) and in those schools the children take mandatory knitting classes.  Maybe another MWK member knows more about this?



I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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Ah yes, the Waldorf

Ah yes, the Waldorf education!  It's got it's good and bad, that's true.  But so does any other educational system.  My best friend's daughter attends a Waldorf school near Albany and her class learned to knit several years ago and they each made a pair of socks.  My friend calls them her $12,000 socks (the cost of her daughter's tuition).