Celtic knots and scarves

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My new obsession in knitting are Celtic knots. I just spent the last hour looking at a folk vests book a friend had on her coffee table, and one of the coolest designs involved Celtic knots in a different color than the background. (Here comes the Fair Isle knitting.) I would love to have a scarf with this pattern on it, but the Fair ISle knitting would show the carried yarn on one side. Any suggestions on how to solve that little dilemma? Or does anyone know of a good Celtic knot scarf pattern in one color?


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I just taught myself double

I just taught myself double knitting, and it is very easy once you realize how it works. I just bought Son of Stitch and Bitch, and I am right now starting on several projects from there, and a double knit scarf is one of them. I have never liked tube scarves, so this was a great thing for me to learn. I would suggest looking into it.

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I had not thought of that --

I had not thought of that -- knitting a scarf in the round so there is no inside. The other option I was looking into was double knitting. I am not familiar with that at all, but I do know how to knit in the round. I think I will try the familiar option first. Thanks

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I second Albert's great

I second Albert's great idea. That is how Fair Isle Scarves are knit.

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tons and tons of cable

tons and tons of cable patterns out there that could be considered "celtic knotwork"



Continous Cables: from Leapman has a bunch of "knot" cables.

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Have you considered knitting

Have you considered knitting the scarf in the round as a tube? This would give you all outside and no inside.