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So, the sweater that I knit in three different guages that got felted so I could one day make something uber-creative with the resultant fabric?

IT HAS BEEN REDEEMED! And now the sweater shall live on as a pair of jeans. I plan on putting the sleeve patterns on the side of either calf...


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OMFG, I want a pair!!

OMFG, I want a pair!! that is so awesome!

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the other photo is

the other photo is at:


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Very cool, maybe you'll

Very cool, maybe you'll start a new fashion trend.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog How cool is that, great idea!

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Cool! Great... creative...

Cool! Great... creative... fun idea!

Grace and Peace,

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And I can't seem to get the

And I can't seem to get the other picture so show up... Ah well.

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Did you shoot the other

Did you shoot the other picture in a different guage?