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Finished this vest about a week ago and got it washed and blocked. I used Palette yarn from Knitpicks and am really not a fan. I ordered a lot in this colour and in a grey. I really don't want to use it for more clothing and wonder if anyone has used it for shawls. Let me know how it works up, if you have. Thanks

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I bought a boatload of two

I bought a boatload of two clearance colors to make a stranded knitted sweater that came out beautfiully. I've worn it quite a bit without any pilling, although it is very soft.

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Nice vest!! I've used

Nice vest!!
I've used "palette" for mittens and it seemed fine. And I've knit my daughter a kerchief in a simple lace pattern with the "palette" that blocked well to show the lace. So I'd think it would work well for a full shawl. Of course, YMMV- so test it out on a small item like a kerchief and see if you like how it blocks out.
Good Luck and Good Knitting!

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I think it looks great! Very

I think it looks great! Very nice work.


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Beautiful vest, the cabling

Beautiful vest, the cabling is subtle but very effective.


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it's beautiful... I

it's beautiful... I understand the pilling problem... try that shocking thing that albert suggested... and see if it'll help with the yarn..

either way, a beautiful job! :)


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The vest looks beautiful off

The vest looks beautiful off the needles. I know you are concerned with the properties of the knitpicks yarn (I think you mean fuzzing and pilling with use). You might try a technique that some spinners use (I've done it to good effect) of "shocking" the yarn before knitting. This is simply a matter of soaking the yarn in very hot water for a few minutes and then immediately plunging it into very cold water. This has a slight felting effect that tends to control the fuzzies. I don't know if this will improve your yarn but it might be worth a try just for the entertainment value.