My First Shawl - Candle Flame for Utku's Gran (before blocking...)

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Well, I feel like I've really joined the club now - I knitted a shawl! I took several yarns and scarf patterns to Patara and this is the result. I'll give it to the grandmother of our Turkish friend, Utku. I found the yarn at a shop in an area in Istanbul with many small wholesale yarn shops. They had two balls left of this. It is 70% Angora Goat Hair and 30% PAC, whatever that is... On size 5mm needles I used about 700 yards. Final measurements are 31" x 61".

I just blocked it so in a couple of days I'll wrap it up and give it to Utku to be delivered. Utku's sis is getting married in December and I've been imagining gran wearing it to the wedding celebrations... I'll post a pic of gran modeling it later.

Grans Shawl pre-blocking closeup Grans Shawl being blocked Grans Shawl being blocked closeup


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WOW! I like that a lot -

WOW! I like that a lot - the variagation is really nice in the overall view - and then the details of the lace (which when worn you WOULD see) is fantastic. Congratulations on an EXCELLENT first shawl.

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Thanks! I too like the

Thanks! I too like the final variegation result, but feel like the "candle flames" would look better and be more apparent in a solid color. I'm sure I'll use this stitch again later in another project.

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that is really nice I have

that is really nice I have been tempted to make it myself...I jsut might since I hace so much of this lace weight laying around....*ponders*

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Pattern was easy to memorize

Pattern was easy to memorize should you knit in front of the TV as I do.

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I like it too! But process

I like it too! But process was so different from what I've been doing. Instead of rows getting shorter and shorter, they kept getting longer and longer...

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Beautiful shawl and the

Beautiful shawl and the colors are just beautiful, I think I would be tempted to wear it myself.


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Confession - before I

Confession - before I blocked it, I did throw it around my shoulders and admired it in the mirror :o