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So, I'm looking at the back cover of the recent Knit Picks catalogue and I really like the handbag pattern (however, I want to make it into a pillow). What type of knitting is being used for this pattern?




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Well, it looks like there

Well, it looks like there are more than two colours being carried. Isn't that intarsia? Is that the same as colour stranding?

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Buck - I'm not positive -

Buck - I'm not positive - but it looks like it may be fairisle done in the round to make the square(s), then picking up along the edges to construct the bag, add the edge, etc.

You can colour-strand with more then two colours; but looking at how the pattern and the colour shifts work, the *simplest* way would be two colours worked "in the square" (to coin a term)

Instarsia generally has one bobbin/strand per section of colour - they interlock at the edges of each coloured section. stranding the yarns are carried along the back when not in use. I'm not sure of the technical definition of fairisle versus the othere stranding techniques, but they specificallly state it is a fair isle pattern - so stranding is certainly implied.

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Not only is FairIsle

Not only is FairIsle implied... it is definitely stated! FairIsle IS colour stranding... this is the American name for it. Same thing. Same technique.

It's the English name for it

It's the English name for it too.

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I was being cautious as I

I was being cautious as I have been slammed on other lists for referring to something as "fairisle" and informed that it was colour stranding but NOT fairisle. So there are people who make distinctions.

For example - the scandanavian twined knitting most people would consider distinct from fairisle, but it is colour stranding. And there are a couple other techniques, aren't there?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog That Technique is Color Stranding or Fair Isle! Beautiful bags!

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Is that the one included

Is that the one included with the collections? I think it's fairisle, or at least stranded colourwork.