The Urban Aran Cardigan

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Urban Aran Cardigan

I wanted to post a pic of my most recent sweater: its a heavily modified version of the Urban Aran Pullover from Paton's Street Smart.  The original pattern is written for women, but I reworked it into cardigan version that is more male-friendly.

If you want the extensive run-down and more photos stop by my blog at

fibers forever.


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I just received the pattern

I just received the pattern in the post - who says the Turkish postal system doesn't work... Question: Have any of you knitted this pattern? If so, any tips on how to modify the pattern to better fit a guy? I'm 6', 170lbs and have a 42" chest. Remember, I haven't knitted a sweater in 40 years, so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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What beautiful cables! Very

What beautiful cables! Very creative as always!

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I just ran across this smart

I just ran across this smart cardigan again and decided to make this my next project, that is if the pattern arrives. I ordered it from which says they ship internationally, so I'm hopeful. This will be my first sweater in about 44 years.... That one was a cardigan in orange mohair. Yes, it was for myself and yes, I wore it, proudly.

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I'm so glad you posted...I

I'm so glad you posted...I must have missed that the first time's a beautiful sweater...and I didn't even realize that Jared was a member of MWK.

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Every component of the

Every component of the sweater is incredible, handsome, and a must have.  I went to your blog just to read all the other documentation.  Thanks so much for putting that all there.  It is creativity like we see on this site that is just so inspiring wanting me to push the envelope on various projects.  Congratulations.



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That is a truly beautiful

That is a truly beautiful piece or work and the finished piece looks great on you.  One day I will attempt a zipper front cardigan.

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We're not worthy, we're not

We're not worthy, we're not worthy!  Great work...I'm getting ready to start on my first sweater and seeing this was great inspiration (and, a bit intimidating...but that's my problem.)

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on my best days this is what

on my best days this is what i aspire to!!!   just too kewl!

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Amazing! Thanks for


Thanks for sharing! 

That is fantastic! I hope

That is fantastic! I hope one day to become as talented.Smile

I absolutely love it!!

That's fantuckingfabulous,

That's fantuckingfabulous, incredibubble, envy, envy, along with the other guys I want one too.
Knit away, knit away

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very impressive... that slanted cable takes so long to do...until you get it firmly fixed in your mind... ...and it fits you so well! Great work! Bill

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Holy crap that's

Holy crap that's beautiful! 

I want it!  This is

I want it!  This is absolutely beautiful and done in a staggeringly short space of time. My admiration and congratulations to you in equal measure (I've left out the 'envy'!).

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It's beautiful!  I love how

It's beautiful!  I love how the back looks.  The changes you made to the original pattern were excellent and greatly improved the look of the jersey.  You're a fast knitter to do all that cable in such a short time!  Thanks for sharing this.


I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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j a r e d  always does such

j a r e d  always does such amazing knitting! It's incredible, his version far excedes the original pattern.