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I must shamefully admit that I *just now* finished the MWK Scarf Exchange for my (not so) Secret Spoliee! I didn't start the actual scarf until the first of August because I was doing a new technique for myself and I did a "practice" piece first to be sure I got it right. My Spoilee (who knows I am knitting for him, btw, hence the "not so secret") wanted a scarf 4 to 6 foot long... "The longer the better," he said. I was using a published pattern but I had to expand it out to accomodate making a scarf that was both large enough and one that I would be proud to gift to him. Well, let it suffice to say that, simply put, I suck at Math. So... the scarf just kept going and going and going...! It was the Energizer Bunny Scarf!! I was in communication with my Spoilee about the progress... and I did send him a fiber "Goodie Basket" on Labor Day as a gesture of goodwill. The scarf is now complete... I buried all the loose ends... washed and conditioned the wool (ahh, so soft!!) and it is now laid out on the blocking table.

I absolutely love this scarf! LOVE IT! I am praying that my Spoilee will be just as smitten, if not more, with the completed project. As for the 4 to 6 foot length he was hoping for... well, if he wants to dress up as a circus clown on stilts this coming Halloween, the scarf will be plenty long enough to pull off the look!! My blocking table is 8 foot long and I had to lay the scarf out on an angle because it was so long!! Woo-Hoo!!

I am posting a picture here of the snipped ends after I buried threads! No pictures of the completed scarf until my Spoliee gets his scarf. God knows the man has waited long enough... allow him a little surprise! I will be hitting the post office for Express Mail in the morning!!

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mmm a goodie box

mmm a goodie box huh......:-p

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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I am guessing that you do

I am guessing that you do not reside anywhere close to a large city as they say your package will not arrive until Monday, October 13th via UPS.

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All I can say is...nice

All I can say is...nice colors!

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My spoilee listed them as

My spoilee listed them as his "favorites" so I decided to do a pattern that I could incorporate all three. Surprisingly, I found it difficult to locate solid colors at the fiber festival. Most all of the vendors carried the varigated and hand painted yarns only.

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For a second, my thoughts

For a second, my thoughts were.

Ahh, the poor guy got frustrated and sent the whole damn thing through the shredder...

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LOL! No way... not after

LOL! No way... not after this much time has gone into this bad boy!