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I figured out why the patterns are difficult for me...

My English isn't good enough, Ive lived in Holland for the past 20 years and nowadays my Dutch is much better then my English, so I'm translating the patterns I want to knit, and hope that I can figure it out that way.

Now my problem is that I am probably moving back to the states in a while, I need to RE-learn English!


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I am glad to see that I am

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that jumped up and down, clapping my hands, screaming "Live Near Me! Live Near Me!".....I mean, was excited he is moving to the US.

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Where in the States will you

Where in the States will you be moving to ? I always enjoy your post, would be nice to actually meet you in person. My partner & I live in Asheville, NC.

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I'll be moving to

I'll be moving to Springfield, Ohio, that is where my family lives

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well if you need help... I have the book too and would certainly be willing.

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we'll have to start a

we'll have to start a knitting duo when I arrive....I look forward to it

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me too!


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You do not write as though

You do not write as though you don't know English that well.

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