Need suggestions for shawl pattern

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Hey Guys,

I need a rectangular shawl pattern where you cast on lengthwise, not width wise. I'm wanting to use up several small balls of 100% angora handspun in various colors that I've accumulated over the years. So the pattern should be simple without much complexity since the angora's halo will cover up the pattern.

Any suggestions?



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If you want something up a

If you want something up a hair from that - there are some simple allover lace patterns that work up well in stripes.

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Make a swatch and wash and

Make a swatch and wash and block it as you would the shawl. You will then have your gauge. Cast on enough stitches for the length you want and leave a tail. Knit back with another colour making sure you left a fairly long tail. Leave a tail and knit back with another colour. Keep changing colour on every row making sure you start and stop with a nice length of tail. Bind off when it is the right depth. The shawl will be in garter stitch and you can tie the tails together to make a fringe. If the tails are long enough you can also knot them into a pattern. I would use a needle much larger than you would for ordinary knitting with that particular yarn.