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Been working hard on the sweater i started for my sister for Christmas. It is heavy so i am thinking it will be a coat. I am even considering a zipper. Has anyone done a zipper on a sweater? The front will be slashed open. I have already slashed the sleeve openings. It is made with Plymouth Baby Grand Alpaca. Very soft. I also figured out a way to use two circular needles instead of 3-4 double pointed needles to do the sleeve. I basically knit from one needle to the other. I will have to go to double pointed when i get down to the cuff.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You can add a zipper or you can have some nice closures. Hand sewn Zeppers are a great thing to do, machines are too fast and this will give you the opportunity to tailer the zipper manually. If you can go to you tube and search for sweater termination or attaching a zipper to a sweater and see what you get. The Sweater is fantastic! You may want to go and look at this litle tutorial --- HERE Look at the pictures and you will see the details.

It would be quite easy to

It would be quite easy to add a zip to the steek area of the sweater. Have a word with 'grandcarriage' - he adds zips to sweaters. This is going to be one beautiful sweater/jacket/coat. Lucky sister.

Vogue Knitting (the Bible

Vogue Knitting (the Bible version) has simple instructions for zippers and it is all done by hand. I put in two recently and they came out very well. Not that difficult at all. Machine sewing works, but I don't like the finished look as well as the hand-sewn. The sweater looks really lovely. Lucky sister.

I'm no expert; but, the

I'm no expert; but, the connective area you added to do the sweater in the round looks like a perfect "cloth" to add a zipper. I'd think it would be fairly striaght forward to: sew a couple of seams, cut in the middle where you intended to separate, and then add the zipper. If you hadn't made the sweater the way you did, I wouldn't have a clue as to how to add one; but, that extra material looks perfect for a zipper. That area doesn't look any where near as thick as the rest of the sweater.

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Beautiful sweater, all the

Beautiful sweater, all the texture is great.