My first creation

As promised guys. A pic of my first sweater. Its not all that I know, but Im chuffed with it. Learned a lot by making it and know how to do things differently next time. Haven't blocked it yet but will get around to it.

Steve liked it. I think he was just being kind though. Smile


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I like it too, especially

I like it too, especially the way the colors create random zigzags!

Really great job!!! Like

Really great job!!! Like the colors a lot.


I was quite suprised how

I was quite suprised how easy it was to knit actually. I was expecting it to be realy difficult. Knitted both sides and sleeves then slipped all the pieces back on the needles at the neck band and just knitted across. cant wait to see how my next one turnes out.

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...did you knit it from the top down?

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I can see why Steve likes

I can see why Steve likes it!  The jumper looks comfy and warm.  I like the colour varigation, too.  You'll always remember your first jersey - it's the best teacher ever!  You have every right to be chuffed by this jersey, mate! 

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.