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Go to and scroll down to the posting called "Brilliant!". Watch the video - it's great!


Wonderful! I immediately

Wonderful! I immediately played it for my wife who took the position of the one husband on their main website: , that I was "wasting a lot of time on this"! LOL

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They are wonderful. They

They are wonderful. They belong on the Brini Maxwell Show
Check it out

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"Row by row, stitch by

"Row by row, stitch by stitch, I was scratchin' an itch"? CLASSIC!!!

I never thought I'd encounter 1) those shades of pink and orange together, 2) so many pitchers on one mantle, or 3) a song that so poignantly captures the role knitting can play in affairs of the heart.

Thanks for the laughs!

Thanks for this Jesse - I'll

Thanks for this Jesse - I'll be laughing for ages.

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it's hysterical! MMario -

it's hysterical!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I know those two aren't

I know those two aren't cross-dressers, but they should

I think it's great.

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Those were my feelings

Those were my feelings exactly!