Hanami Stole

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Just finished is Hanami Stole by Melanie Gibbons for the 60th birthday of one of my friends. The yarn is laceweight merino/cashmere from ColourMart UK and was knitted on a 3.25mm circular needle. The blocked size was 42cm x 157cm (17" x 61"). I particularly enjoyed knitting this because there was a variety of designs, basket weave, falling cherry blossom and finally a sea of cherry blossom finished off with a ruffle.

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Thanks to all of you for

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Knitting can be a solitary hobby, but it is good to share with friends at MWK.

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Beautiful. I bookmarked the

Beautiful. I bookmarked the pattern and added it to my to-do list. Great job.

Beautiful work.

Beautiful work.

This is another beautiful

This is another beautiful piece. I love everything about it.

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Kerry - I'm always impressed

Kerry - I'm always impressed w/ your lace projects - because your gauge is much more "standard" then mine.


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Absolutely gorgeous!! Rick

Absolutely gorgeous!!

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Beautiful stole, the color

Beautiful stole, the color is gorgeous. I'm sure your friend will cherish it.


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Kerry, that is so beautiful.

Kerry, that is so beautiful. A gorgeous piece of art. Great knitting.

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THat is really beautiful. I

THat is really beautiful. I love the color and pattern. How long did it take to do ? Bery nice work.

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That is so nice looking, I

That is so nice looking, I really wish I could do lace...hmm, I should learn.