starry starry night scarf

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thought this downloaded...guess not. Sorry it's sideways.


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Great colours.

Great colours.

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Beautiful! As always, your

Beautiful! As always, your work is impeccable.

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Beautiful scarf, the colors

Beautiful scarf, the colors are gorgeous!


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I like. Not as much as I

I like. Not as much as I like the antler one - but I like this.

btw - you did load the image about an hour ago - but never posted anything with it.

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As much as I now like the

As much as I now like the antler see them in person...You would NOT believe the colours on this one... it literally looks like the sky in Van Gogh's painting. The hand is yummy too. Not to say that it couldn't be improved upon, but it's really smashing. I wouldn't have believed that these two yarns would mix like this. I'm totally chuffed with it.