FO: Cabled Scarf

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I've had this project in my vehicle, working on it for months (since January)... just a couple of rows at a time - finally got sick enough of it to take it inside and finish it last night (during the debates.. eww - but that's a different story). Its out of "The Knitting Man(ual)" and made from local yarn.

Details available on my blog [here].

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Nice scarf, there's some

Nice scarf, there's some good patterns in that book. When you say 'local yarn' waas it handspun for you?

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I like the book too -

I like the book too - probably my favorite "men's book." As for the yarn - no, it wasn't spun directly for me. I bought it at Marr Haven a small sheep farm a few miles from where I live - she gets it spun and sells it out of a shop in her house.

Grace and Peace,

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It is wonderfull, I would

It is wonderfull, I would never dare to knit with yarn that hasn't had all the 'nature' chemically removed, but that is because I like soft yarn, the look however is remarkable, I love it to bits, now could you tell me how long and wide it is?


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Sorry about that... I

Sorry about that...

I haven't blocked it (haven't actually decided if I will) but, it's 7" wide and 5'7" long.

Oh, and for the record, I'm about 5'9" tall.., and well... about 20 pounds wider than I ought to be....

Grace and Peace,

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with your complaining about

with your complaining about being to wide, I being gay can relate, I never knew straight guys were concerned about that to!

And as for blocking it...I know I would, it's one of the best scarfs Ive ever seen, and Ive seen a few trust me

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OK... quite a few of you

OK... quite a few of you have e-mailed me privately or posted that I simply HAD to block the scarf. I give :-)

I soaked it last night; rolled it up in a towel and it's probably 90% dry now. I didn't pin it out but, as several of you suggested, it's MUCH softer. The only drawback is that it smells more "sheepy" -- I think that might calm down though as it continues to dry - I hope so!

I'd guess it's close to 6" long now, maybe a hair longer and about the same width.

I've also cast on another "habitat" (BrooklynTweed's pattern) with the same yarn - I think I've enough left to make the set.

As far as weight. I think there was a day when gay men were more open about their weight concerns than straight men were (not, IMHO, that they were ACTUALLY more concerned, just more honest about it - I don't know, I only know the experience form "one side of the fence") but that day is gone. I have almost as many conversations about weight with the men as I do with the women. It would probably be equal if I didn't count the recipe-based conversations (which are almost all with women and almost universally end up talking about either how fattening the recipe is or the horrifying number of Weight Watchers Points I'd have to give up to eat them...) :-)

Grace and Peace,
(who almost spit his coffee all over his computer after reading a recent "male-chicken" comment....)

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What? Of course we worry

What? Of course we worry about being overweight, all men gay or straight do. Gay men just worry about it more because women learn to settle, while most men never do. The ex settled for my additional 20 because I make up for it in....other ways. I laughed one day when I realized that when we faced each other her boobs touched my chest, and my stomach, hers. But now that I am back at school I am hopefully going to lose the 20, I only get it when I am doing office work and sit all day.

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Love the scarf, the color is

Love the scarf, the color is perfect for the pattern. Carina models it very well, she is precious.


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Love the pattern, with the

Love the pattern, with the cable off center. Nice work.

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Gotta love the IG snuggling

Gotta love the IG snuggling under your warm scarf!

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Agreed, next to a gorgeous

Agreed, next to a gorgeous man clutching a handsome cock, I love to see an Italian Greyhound cuddling in a scarf.

And by cock, of course I mean a male chicken...

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Weird, I really like that

Weird, I really like that the cable is to the side, and not in the center. What kind of dog is that?

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She's an Italian

She's an Italian Greyhound... a thousand-mile-an-hour couch potato :-) She's either bouncing off the walls or sleeping at any given time with very little in-between and she's wonderful. 10 pounds of pure love :-)

Grace and Peace,