Hexagon/Triangle Afghan - knitting completed

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I finished the knitting early this morning. Still need to weave in loose ends, tighten up the junction points, decide about the border (I seem to struggle on this aspect of my projects) and then maybe block it. It was mostly fun to knit, at times something of an obsession, but now that the end is in sight, I'm sooo glad to took this on.

It ended up larger than I'd planned. Final pre-blocking dimensions are 46" x 70"...

HexTriAfghan 004

HexTriAfghan 008

HexTriAfghan 006


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Rick it looks perfect on the

Rick it looks perfect on the sofa. It looks lovely. I don't suppose really there is any wall space available there to display it is there?
I've got started on my sweater, beyond the hemm... have had a few restarts. Will bring it around on Saturday night.
Istanbul, Turkey

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it's beautiful!!! ...how

it's beautiful!!!

...how did I miss that...I read the list every day...
LOVE all the repeat motif things you do...

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Thanks, Bill. I'm pleased

Thanks, Bill. I'm pleased with it. After the current project, which will take me into summer, is done, I want to work on another similar one with cables.

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Wow! What detail! That

Wow! What detail! That looks good enough to mount and hang as wall decor. Beautiful pattern work throughout, and a nice calm green. Great job!

Keep it lite and happy!

It is a beautiful piece of

It is a beautiful piece of art. I love these afghans!

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know what would look

know what would look absolutely fantastic as a border? icord! it'll pick up the the lines of the double decreases and the cables ;)

another BEAUTIFUL afghan sir!

*to thine own self be true*

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...How long did this take

...How long did this take you? I think it is an accomplishment to finish a hat or a sock...but an afghan....it would take me years. It is beautiful, I don't even think it requires a border, but I agree if you add one it should be very simple.

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It took about 8 weeks,

It took about 8 weeks, working on it some just about every day.

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i agree on plain stitch

i agree on plain stitch border. i like seed stitch as well

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Fantastic! Looks great. I

Fantastic! Looks great. I could see it with a garter stitch border mitered at the corners. I think a nice plain border would set off the texture of the afghan

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Glad that you showed

Glad that you showed yourself in the picture to get a sense of how big the afghan is as well. You do nice work...congratulations.

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You afghan is just

You afghan is just beautiful, I love all the texture and the color is great.