finished a sweater...

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Just thought I'd share it with you....and of course there's a particular someone who's comments I also know who you are!


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Beautiful work. I really

Beautiful work. I really like the style, where did you find the pattern.?

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The pattern is my own.....i

The pattern is my own.....i use pieces of different patterns sometimes, but over all, I try to always come up with something myself, I like seeing where my mood takes me

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What a magnificent

What a magnificent accomplishment. I'm sure that you have some "hot shot" knitting guru's drooling at your work about now.

Very, very nice sir. I love

Very, very nice sir. I love it. You did well. Be proud.

Banjo Lee Jones

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wow...thanks for all the

wow...thanks for all the lovely comments...I guess I could no publicly tell you I knitted it for yugidean....he seems to be a fan of my knitting....and NO, we are not romantically involved

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I showed this to everyone

I showed this to everyone here at work, and no one believes someone actually hand-knit it. LOL

When I said, "He did it in less than two weeks," they actually said, no hint of sarcasm, "Is that actually possible?" I told them a story about a lady in a knitting tutorial video who knit nearly a whole row of stitches in the time it took me to do five or six. LMAO

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

It's AMAZING!!! I don't

It's AMAZING!!! I don't have any plans for making a garment anytime soon, but when I look at what you did, it makes me think... hmmmm...

Great work Jason!!!

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Wow, it's simply amazing!

Wow, it's simply amazing! You definately a master with two sticks in your hands. It takes my breath away! :-)


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I'm dating myself...but the

I'm dating myself...but the thing I like most about it is the kind of "Space Invaders" quality to the graphic of the fair-isle. You made it up as you went along? That's the coolest part. I love designing on the fly: Makes for very interesting garments.

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one stop shopping for all

one stop shopping for all you need to know about the disaster called palin

i'd date myself, but i can't afford me :) it's also complicated. for example, consider breaking up with oneself should it not work out? awkward...and the sleeping arrangements, custody issues...the mind wobbles

Impeccably crafted. Your

Impeccably crafted. Your work is amazing and you certainly are gifted to create and execute something so complex on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

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Gorgeous! :-) "Men can

Gorgeous! :-)

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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Amazingly wonderful!

Amazingly wonderful!

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......I have no words. It is

......I have no words. It is beautiful.

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Quite impressive work. I'm

Quite impressive work. I'm not usually fond of stranded knitting with a white background, but in this style with the polo collar and button band, it looks quite fine.

I also love the color pattern just below the chest...I've never seen anything quite like it.

I hesitate to ask, but how long did this masterpiece take you?

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it took me a little under 2

it took me a little under 2 weeks...

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You hand-knit that in the

You hand-knit that in the course of two-weeks? What's the gauge? I'm impressed. I'm not much for stranded on white either, but I love the polo neck, and it looks beautifully done.

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under 2 weeks? wow - you're

under 2 weeks? wow - you're a FAST knitter!! congratulations!!


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Very, very beautiful. The

Very, very beautiful. The recipient should be thrilled. And you should be very proud of your wonderful work.

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That is absolutely gorgeous,

That is absolutely gorgeous, your stranding work is bind boggling.


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WOW Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful sweater. The colors are great and your stranding looks perfect. The sizing and finishing is very professional as well. How about a picture of you wearing it?

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hahaha I would, but it's too

hahaha I would, but it's too big for me....I look dorky wearing it

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Holy don't need

Holy don't need to compliment me on my Morgan at all....if you can knit something like this, then you're a knitting God.

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Trust hat knitting

Trust hat knitting really really really sucks

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I know I'm not your

I know I'm not your "particular someone"... But I'll pretend to be if that means you'll send me the sweater :-)

Seriously though... wow! you blow my mind.

Grace and Peace,

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aww thanks...

aww thanks...

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OK... I've thought about it

OK... I've thought about it some more. Having seen some of your knitting and having seen you're pictures.... I've decided you're not human. My best guess is android....


Grace and Peace,

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That is stunning! You are

That is stunning! You are the king of stranded knitting! Did you design this?

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Yes it is a personal

Yes it is a personal design....more or less I make up things as I go along

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very nice Born

very nice

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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why thanks....I love

why thanks....I love compliments from a fabulous person!