My sunny day scarf

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I made a scarf for a friend that is going through her second round of chemo for breast cancer. I figured she might want something to cheer her up. I really started it as a whim, a quick pick-me-up for her. Well, it ended up taking 3 weeks and I decided last night that I was going to finish it and give it to her boyfriend to carry on home. Well, I finished it up and brought it into work today to find out from the BF that today is her BIRTHDAY! I had absolutely no idea.


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Cancer sucks. I know she

Cancer sucks. I know she will be thrilled with that pretty lace scarf. My gramma always fawned over a scarf I knitted for my mother. I regret never having knitted HER one before colon cancer took her. :-( There's something freeing in creating, but even more freeing in creating for someone that is struggling. I think it can be almost more therapeutic for the artist than the recipient.

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I'm sure your friend

I'm sure your friend appreciates your support in this difficult time in her life. I wish her a speedy recovery. The scarf is beautiful and such a thoughtful gift!

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Beautiful scarf, What a

Beautiful scarf, What a thoughtful thing to do, I'm sure it will cheer her up.


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Beautiful, scarf and

Beautiful, scarf and beautiful support. She is indeed fortunate to hav a friend like you who considers such things. As for this also falling on her birthday, I have come to believe that those of us who think in terms of coincidences, just aren't paying close enough attention :-)

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Good work all the way

Good work all the way around. Your beautiful scarf, your kindness and your accidental timing.

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Excellenmt timing! And a

Excellenmt timing! And a really nice looking scarf as well.