A Glorious Day

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I bought Dennis (my partner) a metal detector for Christmas last year and he has been happily digging up our yard all summer. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, the last weekend of summer. Dennis wanted to go treasure hunting somewhere so we went to the Red House area of Allegany State Park in the Allegany Mountains on the NY/PA border of Western NY. It was glorious there, the leaves are just starting to change, and the sky was a brilliant blue with just a few fluffy white clouds. There is a small lake there where you can go swimming, boating (non-motorized) or fishing. We headed for the beach so Dennis could scan for treasure. The beach was closed, so as he was searching, I climbed up on the lifeguard's chair and knitted. It was like heaven sitting there knitting and watching a large flock of geese floating aimlessly in the lake just 20 feet in front of me. There were also some canoes and paddle boats out on the lake and the occasional passersby strolling along the shore, some with dogs that were running in and out of the water, no one gave me much thought, just smiled or said hi and went on their way. It was a perfect day and Dennis found seventy seven cents and an Avon costume jewelry ring!


So beautiful. I miss living

So beautiful. I miss living back eastward. Colorado is nice...but so dry and frankly...not home for me.

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Where did you live

Where did you live eastward?


I am from the Detroit area

I am from the Detroit area of Michigan. East of the MS River feels like home to me. Whole different vibe.

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Sounds like a great outing.

Sounds like a great outing. The lake picture is beautiful, so peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

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What a wonderful day you

What a wonderful day you had. You will have memories of it for a long time.

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the house looks

the house looks charming...unlike my dime a dozen appartement

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don't tell me that is your

don't tell me that is your view from the house??? if it is...please adopt me!!

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I wish it were, it is the

I wish it were, it is the area where we were yesterday. I will however, adopt you if you wish. The picture of me, on the right and Dennis is in front of our house.