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Not so long ago in a galaxy that's nearer then you may think I signed up for a cruise. It had all the earmarks I'd been looking for in a cruise.

It started from a port I could reach easily (Baltimore, MD)

- it was at a time I wasn't scheduled for anything else (June 19)

for a reasonable length of time (nine days, 8 nights)

with two weekends in there (so it wouldn't chew up too much vacation time)

with people I can expect to have something in common with (KNITTERS!)

to places I wouldn't mind going (Maine, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Maine again...and okay - Bstn (shudder) but I can stay on board)

Due to "life happens" the instructional part most likely just isn't going to happen - here's a partial qoute from the blurb sent out:


dates will be June 19th on Grandeur of the Seas to New England and Canada.
There will be no formal classes, . . . will gladly secure a space for knitting in the evenings.
This cruise is port rich. . . . will still do all the research
for yarn shops in every port, how to get to them, what they carry and
such. . . . not be charging a workshop fee, In addition, if there are
at least 16 cabins of people who sail . . . will ensure you have a host. . .working on a hand-dyer.

For more details:
for more details.

Now People...I'm planning on going. We KNOW at least some other knitters will be there. (two cabins are already confirmed) A knitting lounge. trips to interesting yarn stores.

and possibly an exclusive SSea SSocks '09 EEast MMarioPPattern? Who knows!

Sign up! Sign Up!



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Okey dokey - I can say for

Okey dokey - I can say for certain that officially or not, there will be an (more or less) EXCLUSIVE MMario Shawl pattern for this cruise. It will not be released anywhere else until June of 2010.

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yup - I'm hoping that more

yup - I'm hoping that more people show interest - the more people going the more "extra's" that can be added. But I'm going anyway.

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Sounds like you're going to

Sounds like you're going to have a really good time. Some nice ports of call there.


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