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Right...I know nothing about computers or the internet, and was now told that multiply still was not a good way to share my music with anyone, so I've created a myspace, I have after several hours managed to upload some anyone who wants to can listen...


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Beautiful work! My favorite

Beautiful work! My favorite of the group is Air.

These songs were reminding me of when I was in junior high school and I would spend an hour of each day in the gifted program where the instructor always played classical music while we did our work. :-)

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Nice Jason...thanks for

Nice Jason...thanks for sharing this...I have amazing respect for people that know music so well. I loved listening to your playing.

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I listened to part of the

I listened to part of the allegro movement on Multiply and must say I am impressed, a virtuoso, knitter extraordinaire and cute all in one. It is gorgeous, I absolutely love Bach. I will listen to both movements as soon as I get a chance, I'm at work now. Thank-you so much for sharing. When will the CD be available?


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The first CD will not be

The first CD will not be available in Europe till March next year, and I don't think it will be for sale in the states at all, though pretty much everything, the studio people say goes right past me...I will keep you updated!

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You might look at the

You might look at the possibility of marketing through sites such as CD Baby or Nimbit, which focus on direct distribution for independent artists, or see if the distributors who handle your recordings work with a site like CD Universe, which does global sales.

Lovely work, btw.