Benden weyrhold shawl

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on of the ladies over at my yahoo group has finished this - so I'm gonna post the pattern.

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That is a beautiful piece of

That is a beautiful piece of work!

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It's great having knitters

It's great having knitters turn my concepts into art! If I rre-write this pattern I'd rework the first border around to take less width - so there would be more repeats across each side. The three isn't enough - I'd like to see five or seven.

But not bad...

"But not too bad..."

"But not too bad..." artists! ;)

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nope - no details. I'm

nope - no details. I'm trying to get them, but she sent me the photos from a different account then she is signed up with; so I don't know who she is! (I'm assuming "she" )

It's reallybeautiful. Got

It's reallybeautiful. Got details of yarn, etc?

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what a beautiful shawl i'm

what a beautiful shawl i'm gonna have to make it soon