Another Dying Question - Walnuts

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We have a white walnut tree (or butternut tree) in the yard and all of the nuts are falling to the ground. I would love to use the hulls to dye a little bit of yarn to make a scarf. My grandfather picked up the nuts somewhere and had my dad plant them in the yard. My grandfather died, but the trees came up the next year. We transplanted them to our yard and only one lived. It's huge now and has a full load of nuts. Anyone know how to use them to dye yarn? It's more sentimental than anything, but I'd still like to dye a yarn that I could actually knit and wear. The hulls stain your hands just like black walnuts although maybe a little lighter color.

I've looked around the net a bit, but haven't found anything that tells me what to do.


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If you are on Ravelry there

If you are on Ravelry there should be a group for natural dyeing that you could get lots of information from.

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use a hammer to crack the

use a hammer to crack the husks off the nuts. Simmer the hull pieces in water to cover for two hours. let cool and strain. YOu can then either cold steep wool yarn in the dyepot or you can simmer it. The longer the darker. I believe they reccomend approx equal weights of hulls to yarn.

you want the hulls (which is outside of the nut) not the nutshells themselves.

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That sounds easy enough.

That sounds easy enough. I've picked up the nuts and I'm working on hulling them. I'll post some pictures in a few days when I get around to doing the dying.

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A friend who used to have a

A friend who used to have a black walnut tree suggests put a bunch of the unhulled nuts into a burlap bag/feed sack - just enough that you can close the bag and have the nuts in a layer. Run the car over the bag a couple times. pour the hulls out.

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