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You guys might think I am mad, but there is a thrill for me in turning a sock heel. Not sure why, but I still find it magical the way in which the simple short row gradually makes the heel cup form. I never realised the architecture of an humble article of clothing could be so interesting. :-) As I see the heel emerging I get such a sense of satisfaction. My latest effort. Just a bog standard pattern, but oddly satisfying.


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I hate to tell you how many

I hate to tell you how many socks I have made in how many years (I started when I was 8), and turning a heel and finishing a sock is still a thrill. I guess you could call it a cheap thrill because sock yarn is not that expensive. Yours look lovely. Great knitting.

Great job! They look

Great job! They look terrific.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog ALmost done!!!!

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You made your socks in my

You made your socks in my very favorite colourway of Kaffe's sock yarn.

I'm working on a sock of my own right now, and I'm loving the heel-turning process as well. There some guy named Andersson who has a knitting blog...can't remember the title at the moment...who published a heel method called...wait for it...the Andersson Heel...I like the look and feel on my foot of the heel and it requires no picking up of stitches.

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The fact is I need to use a

The fact is I need to use a solid colour for the heel and toe since I am a big footed guy and there is not enough yarn in the standard 2 50g balls to make anything but 'anklet' socks for me. And I resent buying another 50 g so I often do a solid colour heel and toe, and sometimes cuff as well. :-)

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I love colorful socks too.

I love colorful socks too. Yours are fabulous! I like the way you've used a solid color for the heel and toe. Great job!

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Those are beautiful, I love

Those are beautiful, I love wildly colored socks. I agree with the heal turning phenomenon.


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I feel the same way, I

I feel the same way, I really enjoy doing socks.


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I totaly get that thrill!

I totaly get that thrill! I've made 3 pairs of socks and thats my favorite part. It's amazing now with Cat Bordhi's new book how many ways socks can be constructed. I've so far only done 3 pairs of top down, heel flap socks. I've started a pair of toe up socks the pair being knit together on 2 circs. Socks seem to be perfect summer knitting as well because there isn't the expanse of a sweater or afghan on my lap making me hot! You're color way on this pair displayed is really beautiful....looks like you are a pro!
If you want to see FO's of mine....i'm douglaughlin on Ravelry