New sweater

This is the finished sweater I started back in January.  The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran.  The pattern is from Rowan's 'A Yorkshire Fable'.  The yarn is quite heavily flecked and does not show up the cables or pattern very well.  It's basically a Guernsey-style and just right for the warm spring weather we're currently experiencing here in London!

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Well, I'm fast becoming a

Well, I'm fast becoming a member of the no-neck-club and the pattern was for a rather high roll-neck which I can't stand! so a decided to give it a fleece-style opening and it's turned out ok (at least I don't look too much like Uncle Fester in it...)

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That looks like the perfect

That looks like the perfect spring jumper.  I love the colour and the design - not to mention your beautiful workmanship! 

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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fantastic sweater.

fantastic sweater.

Simon your work is very

Simon your work is very neat. The finishing is fab. Well done. I'm jealous. 

Knit away, knit away