first recording session!!! YIKES

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Right guys I am off to my first recording session, I will be back in about 3 hours as I'm recording only one concerto so far! if possible I will try to add the recording to a message later!

wish me luck,



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Good luck! Which concerto

Good luck! Which concerto are you recording?

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i am still shocked when i can find my recordings (all in german) in american stores.

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It's an experience, isn't

It's an experience, isn't it? I first went into a studio to do a fund-raising casssette (shows you it was a while ago) with about 15 other staff members from a children's summer camp; then a few years later to do backup vocals on a friends CD. Still felt really odd when I finally went in to do some stuff of my own....

I'm hoping to get back in a studio this fall or winter.

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It is weird imagining that

It is weird imagining that people will be able to 'buy' me in a few months yeah...I get totally insecure when making studio recordings

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I understand. I was

I understand. I was horrified when I first heard recording of myself. Luckily I had talked with a few other vocalists - who have the same response to their own recordings. Otherwise I might have quit after listening to the first track!

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I've tried uploading some of

I've tried uploading some of the music, but I guess the files are just too big....sorry people!

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Good luck.

Good luck.

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Good luck....... hope all

Good luck....... hope all goes well and this is the first of many.