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yesterdeay I was frustrated - couldn't knit - but had designs rumbling around in my head like bumpercars; so now have two new shawl patterns to post.

'Talia' which has already picked up two nicknames - 'Arrows for the Queen' and 'Olga' is circular and inspired by the the book in the Heralds of Valdemar series. More or less pi shawl construction, with a perpendicular knit on edge.

'Hippo Birdies' is a BS Johnson (aka Discworld/Terry Pratchett) inspired circular shawl - with 'Hippo Prints' (a vaguely catspaw pattern) and feather-and-fan in an almost pi shawl construction. It should block out into scallops without adding an edge.

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KNown Errata: line 18 should

KNown Errata: line 18 should read:

18) k5, O, k5

9/12 -
line 26) ends (O,skp)x2 rather then (O,skp)x3

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