not knitting but another hobby

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This is a project I am working on with my aunt, she actually makes a living out of re-creating old dress-styles, this is the latest one she and I are working on, based on a dress worn in a painting by Tiziano

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actualy working with

actualy working with material like this is more scary then anything else, the fabrics are delicate to the extreme, this is a dress we designed for the National Ballet in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) It will be worn by the woman who plays the part of the Queen, Aurora's mother (so no dancing for her)

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Gorgeous! ...must be

...must be "Sleeping Beauty"
(I'm a costumer too)

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty my great gay, pedophile hero Tchaikovsky!

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*grin* Beautiful dress - I


Beautiful dress - I saw a lot of similar ones this summer....but then again that was in 1585.

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Absolutely stunning! I can

Absolutely stunning! I can only try to imagine what it's like working with this kind of material and garment...

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Ahh yes she is, she makes

Ahh yes she is, she makes the costumes for several opera houses around the world, and she also designs costumes for movies and such

What a fabulous piece of

What a fabulous piece of work. She must be an amazing seamstress.