Straight Needle Mittens?

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I got a call yesterday from a very dear, long time friend of the family (she attended my late father's first birthday party!). Jeanne is in her 80's... has been blind as long as I have known her, and has recently recovered from a fall that left her with a broken arm. She also happens to be a fantastic knitter, organist, accordian player, etc. She loves to visit the "old people" in nursing homes to entertain them. She is absolutely unstoppable! She was calling to find out if I had ever seen a pattern for children's mittens (6 to 10 year olds) that can be knit up using straight needles. Apparently, she is having some numbness in her thumbs after her most recent fall and can no longer manipulate the double points... but she wants to knit up some mittens for the kids in her neighborhood. I am not having much luck in my search... any of you know of any such patterns?? As always, men, I appreciate your input.


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Couldn't she just use a

Couldn't she just use a regular knit in the round pattern and use magic loop instead of DP's, which would actually be like knitting with straight needles?


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Hmm, that is actually a very

Hmm, that is actually a very good suggestion! Keep all the stitches on the needles... I will be sure and talk to her about that possibility. If she wants to learn and doesn't have a knitter friend nearby that can teach her I think it would require a visit to actually make sure she gets the technique. She lives about a 4 hr drive from me. Will have to consult the travel gods.

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You guys are great... I am

You guys are great... I am forwarding all options for her to choose

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If I am still in my right

If I am still in my right mind when I'm in my 80s and they allow me to wield pointy objects, I hope that I have a friend like you who will scour the continent for patterns. And pleeeeeeeeeease promise me that they won't make me knit with Phentex! I'm sending you the patterns via private message. I can't figure out how to post them here.

The pattern for the "2

The pattern for the "2 needle mittens for the Mall of America" pattern (#70746AD) at Lion Brand Yarn makes nice mittens. I've only made them for little kids. They knit flat, and are sewn together to make a mitten.

Here's a link, hope it works.

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Knitty had a pair of "rustic

Knitty had a pair of "rustic gloves" that are knit on straight needles.

I'm not sure how adaptable the pattern would be to mittens.

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Somewhere, I have seen or

Somewhere, I have seen or own a pattern for mittens on straight needles. I may have even made them. I'll dig later tonight and get back to you. Tell Jeanne to warm up her needles.

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Thank you so much! She is

Thank you so much! She is going to be so excited!