The 'never gonna work' scarf... update

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I went to a new LYS in search of something suitable for a first time lace project. The lady recommended Handmaiden 100% silk boucle. When I started to work with I I wasn't sure it was the best thing and wondered if I'd be 'sold' something pricey but not the best option. I mentioned it on Revelry and lots of the ladies said it was 'impossible', 'not recommended', 'very difficult to work with' and questioned the wisdom / morals of the lady at the LYS.

Being stubborn, and a man, I thought I'd persist and beat the yarn into submission. Its my first attempt at anything lacey. I rather like the result and the one-off hand dyed yarn looks fabulous (my abysmal photography doesn't do it justice). The lady at the LYS is vindicated!

New close-ups attached.


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WOW! MMario... praise


MMario... praise indeed coming from you.

thanks :o)


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as spectacular as I figured

as spectacular as I figured it would be from the other photo.

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I'll try to get some close

I'll try to get some close ups asap.

In the meantime, the colours are: deep red, like a claret wine, dark purples (which probably looks black on the screen) and then various shades in between. I'm so pleased with. Its quite girly but I may well make one like it for myself!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Looks wonderful!

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That is beautiful! The

That is beautiful! The colors are great!


It's really lovely. Until we

It's really lovely. Until we get the close ups can you confirm that red and black are in there or is it my monitor. Well done for sticking with it

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MMario... I'm trying for the

MMario... I'm trying for the close ups. I need a tripod or some sensible lighting... or skill. One of those three might help :o)

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Notice I wait until someone

Notice I wait until someone else has knit my patterns before posting pictures?

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But it do look purty good!