A happy ending

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Well I finished my Angora shawl. The very first thing I made entirely with my own handspun Angora fibre, the real reason I learned how to knit. After years of throwing the Angora clippings away I finally did something creative with them. Today I entered it at our big bunny show in the UK (www.thelondon.co.uk) where the National Angora Club hold a products competition for anything made from Angora. I have to say I was more nervous entering the products competition than the actual rabbit show LOL So many talented fibre artists exhibit at the show. Unbelievably the shawl went on to win 1st in the beginners class and 2nd overall product in show ! It was one of the few things made with 100% Angora :) Completely gobsmacked ! but of course it will inspire me on to make more stuff. The rabbits didn't do too bad either my baby "Chub" came second in a huge coloured class and my adult third. It was a good day for Angoras as Best in Show of the whole show (nearly 12000 rabbits) was a white Angora ! sadly not mine, but one day :)

Big thanks to Mmario for the Faux Spanish Lace pattern and to you all for inspiring me to take up this daft knitting malarkey. Now back to the jumper.. back is done and front half finished.. looking good
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God, I just love a happy

God, I just love a happy ending!

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Not sure which I think looks

Not sure which I think looks better, the bunny or the shawl. Both wonderful and cuddly looking!


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years of throwing the Angora

years of throwing the Angora clippings away

I'm still trying to get over the shock of seeing this in print.

Does this happen often with show bunnies? What a waste!

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The shawl is just beautiful

The shawl is just beautiful and the bunny is absolutely adorable. Congratulations on the wins.


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Absolutely amazing!

Absolutely amazing!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Congratulations, your shawl must be very soft!

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Totally beautiful scarf and

Totally beautiful scarf and bunny. Congrats on your win!


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What a feat! I'm impressed!

What a feat! I'm impressed! Just curious...how many rabbits do you have, and how long did it take you to amass enough clippings to spin a sufficient amount of yarn for your shawl? I would imagine it would take forever, but maybe not. I love angora. I wish I had the motivation/space/patience to raise, clip, and spin my own as well. :-)

Again, congrats!

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I have about 20 Angoras.

I have about 20 Angoras. The shawl took about 300g of Angora which is about 1-2 clips clipping at a length of 3 - 4 inches. One Rabbit could produce three times this amount of fibre in a year over 3 to 4 clips. I used 4 colours in the shawl, white, chocolate, gold and smoke (black) from 4 different amimals. In theory just one rabbit can produce enough fibre to knit a good sized jumper every year :)

Congratulations! Love it!

Love it! That is fantastic that you made it entirely from one of your own bunnies which by the way is just adorable! I would love to be back out in the country so I could have fiber producing pets.
You have inspired me to spin up some angora blend fiber I was gifted with, and serve as an inspiration to others to enter their work in competitions ...you never know!

The shawl is gorgeous and

The shawl is gorgeous and the colours are terrific. Well done to you - and of course your rabbits.

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EFFING FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations!

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Shawl came out gorgeous! No

Shawl came out gorgeous! No wonder; given the qualtiy of rabbits the angora came from *grin*