Brea Bag

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Used two skeins eco wool with size 10? needles. Maybe 11. This is an awesome pattern with amazing potential for altering... Look forward to my own versions of this bag! (Still gotta line this bag and find a handle


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All of your FO are

All of your FO are beautiful! You have become a real master of the art.


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Brea? I used to live in

Brea? I used to live in Brea, CA!! (But I survived the OC)

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Gorgeous, what's the colour

Gorgeous, what's the colour code??? I'd love a scarf in this coulour for autumn

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Ask Username: Thor. He

Ask Username: Thor. He bought the yarn

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Uhm... geesh... you're

Uhm... geesh... you're right! That IS the same yarn that I was snuggling under just this evening as I was wrapped in the Hemlock Ring Blanket you knitted for me! Colorway? No clue. It's Cascade Eco Wool Plus... I do know that.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I love the bag, looks very nice, all your projects are looking great!