Lots of Knitting

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Lace, afghan, scarf AND socks.

In addition to finishing my big lace project, I also finished a Cross Stitch Scarf using Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. I also started a Manos afghan for my niece and since I couldn't let the remaining Noro sock yarn go to waste, I started socks.

Going from one project to three has been very exciting.

Noro Cross Stitch 08-31-98 Close.jpg735.96 KB
Jackie Afghan 09-02-08.jpg969.18 KB
Noro Sock 09-05-08.jpg454.35 KB


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Wow, where did that afghan

Wow, where did that afghan come from!?!?!

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Joe, That afghan is

Joe, That afghan is beautiful. Where did you find the pattern ? How long did it take you to complete ? Nice work.

You're certainly busy Joe,

You're certainly busy Joe, and it's all beautiful.