My angry sock....

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too mad to this please....


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Exactly! you've unvented an

Exactly! you've unvented an ordinary monkey sock as a FABULOUS monkey sock. Give us your pattern! I want some FABULOUS monkey socks and I have some pale pewter yarn just waiting for the right pattern.

Joyful Knitting

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LOL sure if you want it let

LOL sure if you want it let me finish designing my heals and such and its yours

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Darling Princess, Grieve

Darling Princess,

Grieve not! You have "unvented" (kudos to the granddame of knitting teachers, Elizabeth Zimmerman for the word) the same pattern that another knitter has also brought forth out of the knitological ethers.

This is nothing to be upset about. Have you checked the pattern carefully to see if you achieved the same effect by using a different (even if only slightly) technique? If so, then share it with us. If not, then rejoice that great minds think alike, and fools rarely differ :-)

And remember, the knitting gods have a strange, twisted and sometimes oddly ply-ed sense of humour. It is generally better to laugh with them, unless you want them to focus even more attention on you.

Joyful knitting,
(who has unvented a thing or two himself)

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well if you notice my

well if you notice my monkies are upside down lol

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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It looks prettier when you

It looks prettier when you do them...

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