Fantasy Knitting Bag?

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If you could design the perfect knitting bag, what would it be like? What features would it have? How would it be better than the knitting bags commercially available? What materials would you like to use? I'm tossing around the idea of making my own custom knitting bag and I was curious what other guy knitters like/dislike about knitting bags. One thing I dislike is that so many of them look like purses; messenger bag? fine/ tote bag? ok/ "murse? no way. So what do you guys think?


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I had my aunt, who's a

I had my aunt, who's a fashion historian, she also makes costumes for movies like 'Jane Eyre' and so on, make a bag for me, to my specifications, it has all the room i need, i can actually roll the needles into the cover of the bag and it's made of moss green velvet.

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Sounds lovely. The idea od

Sounds lovely. The idea od rolling the needles into the cover of the bag sounds intriguing.

Hmmm, my two cents. I like

Hmmm, my two cents. I like a lot of what I read here. I think you're consolodating the ideas well. Like everyone else, I spend a lot of time thinking about this. My job carries me around to clients in the counties that surround the one I live in. I would like to have completely separate project bags, so I could just pick a project to go with, dump it in the "to go" bag and run. The ideas about having something to feed the yarn sounds great. I like the stand-up part too. I recognize that I wouldn't need to take all my needles and stuff with me everytime I go, because each project would have what ever needles it needs perhaps with it already; so maybe there are three different kinds of bags. One which has everything in it that you would need for a longer trip (not a short one), and another which has everything for short travel, and a project, or project bags. If it's a long trip, you take both bags, and how ever many projects you'll work on.

Right now I use computer bags,which work well, as my short trip, items I need to go, bags (scissors, measuring tape, needle caps, crochet needle (for dropped stitches), needle, cable needles, markers, counter, needle threader, stitch holders, candy, earphones, latest magazines, yarn & needles to make a wash cloth, or pot holder, and a couple quick patterns for same. Then I have those small zippered plastic bags, which hold projects with their needles (usually) (I got my bags from the 600 & 800 thread count sheets I buy). When I go somewhere, I just pick up the computer bag, a project or two (depending on projects, the 2nd one may not fit), and go. What I really need is the long term storage for all my needles, circular, DPN, crochet hooks, and a small stash of yarn.
PS. I just realized that the computer bags look a lot like the Tom Bihn bags and work pretty good for me.

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I'm going to have to check

I'm going to have to check out these computer bags. My (realistic) thought for this proposed project tells me that I may be better off altering an existing bag as I'm not so good at sewing even though I can do nearly any other needle related craft... go figure.

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I'm using the bag called the

I'm using the bag called the "Swift" from Tom Bihn ( and it's comes about as close to a dream bag as I can want. It doesn't stand up, but other than that it does do/have everything others have mentioned. It was designed in conjuction with the folks at Knitty, and it shows! Little details like no zippers or velcro to snare your yarn, clear bottomed project bags to find what you needs easily... etc. And it comes is a WIDE variety of solid color combinations to match your own tastes. It's isn't cheap (I think about $75US), but I think it's money VERY well spent.

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I had looked into the

I had looked into the "Swift" bag some time ago. I can't get over the no-zipper thing however, I want a secure closure and since I'm pretty obsessive about putting every last thing neatly away when I'm through knitting I doubt I'd have any trouble. Velcro is a difinite "no" however. How does the "Swift" bag close? Is it completely protected or is there always an opening?

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The PeRFECT knitting bag

The PeRFECT knitting bag would defy the laws of physics. It would hold my entire stash; organize and keep everything within reach; weigh a fraction of an ounce when filled and fold up to wallet size without sitroting or crushing anything inside. A combination of Mary Poppins carpetbag and a D&D "bag of holding"

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I would say that's about

I would say that's about perfect.


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I've thought about this a

I've thought about this a million times because there is no "perfect knitting bag" for me that is currently in existence (or at least not one that I've found).

For me, it would be something masculine style-wise. Every store I go to, whether it's a chain store, an LYS, or even online stores, have bag and case designs that either have floral prints with bright colors or just some crazy-ass lace and silk fabric with a very feminine design. And half of those aren't even all that functional, anyway!

For me it would be rustic. Since I have a kick-ass, rustic messenger bag for carrying a project around in, a bag/case for everything else wouldn't necessarily require portability, so I'd be fine with something rigid and non-collapsible. I'd like it to be a dark, distressed brown, maybe even a matte, "antique" leather look. Inside, I would like adjustable compartments (preferably see-through and stackable) so that I could store like-yarn with like-yarn, or even store different yarns meant for the same project without having to dig through various skeins of other crap. And finally, I would like it to have a section that would actually hold all my needles...long, short, DP, circular, etc... I have given up on an actual needle case that will hold them all and keep them organized while also collapsing or folding into something normal. They always end up bulking up to the point where you can't (or can barely) close them, and it leaves me wondering, "Why put in all those pockets if you can't actually USE all of them at the same time???"

You know, now that I'm reading that, it almost sounds like I'm describing a super-amazing trunk/tackle box.


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You may want to add

You may want to add wheels!
I know what you mean about a masculine bag. I have found really great knitting bags but I am not about to carry something that looks like a chartreuse clutch. Needle cases are another story entirely, I don't have a huge collection since I use interchangeables but I have started increasing my DPN collection as well. Also, my interchangeables are birch and they're fantastic but they come in a rather cheesy case (as plastic as plastic can get), and it irks me. I keep the case because I don't want something flimsy. I really need to learn how to sew better.

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A toolbox. Metal. With

A toolbox. Metal. With lots of slide out trays. In gun metal grey!!

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That's easy. Do you mean one

That's easy. Do you mean one of the portable toolboxes or one of thos mammoth garage toolboxes on wheels? I bet it would work well and you can't get much more protection than that. Do you currently use one for you knitting?


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i've been thinking about the

i've been thinking about the same thing. here are some ideas i had:
it must be flexible and collapsible (so i don't have a travel bag and an at home bag), but be able to stand up by itself while open.
it should have a detachable tool pouch (more on this design part later).
i want it to open and close easily.
can't be plastic/vinyl (although i consider the water proofing need, i hate the feel - very tactile kind of guy)
i want a sleeve for instructions that easy to get at
also a small clear sleeve for the paper strip off the yarn with color, dye lot info

the tool pouch (maybe sold separately because you could trasnfer it from project bag to project bag):
i have been looking for something that keeps all that crap neat. i was thinking of a bifold that has combinations of velcro and elastic holders like a men's manicure set
also need a place to hold tapestry needles, scissors, i like retractable cloth measuring tape, dpn's, gauge, cable needles, etc

see - i have thought a little bit about it :)

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Great ideas, I am not nuts

Great ideas, I am not nuts about plastic/vinyl etc. either. I was considering the possibility of real canvas (not the crappy "looks like canvas" stuff), which could give the bag stability and be reasonably protective as well. I also like the idea of making sure the thing stays upright, little is more annoying than a roly-poly knitting bag.

I'm also going for the "Goldilocks" factor; not too big, not too small... just right. Now I have to consider what that is. One thing I can go off of is that I probably won't ever leave the house with more than three large skeins of yarn. Then I can factor in my tools/needles and add a little extra room and I'm set.

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a detachable zip bag for

a detachable zip bag for things like stitch markers and stitch holders.
a separate pocket/flap similar to school bags with places for needles and crochet hooks instead of pencils an pens (well, AND pencils and pens).
a way to anchor yarn (snap pockets inside maybe).
wider than many messenger bags that are made for flatter things like folders and notebooks.
maybe a flat outside pocket to slip the pattern in so it doesn't get crumpled and tangled.

and nice looking, like black leather.

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Sounds good! I was trying to

Sounds good! I was trying to think of a snap-on grommeted yarn feeder that doesn't ostracize your project to the outside of the bag or disable you from entirely closing the bag. I figured a strip of heavy canvas with 2 maybe 4 smooth grommets that could snap onto the outside or right along the zipper gusset, then when you need to stow your work you can unsnap it and toss it in the bag. I hope that made sense.

I like the idea of a sturdy pocket just for patterns, my knitting patterns look like they have been through a war zone.