Too much?

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I have this GORGEOUS yarn: think a pretty version of camo~ Forest and emerald green, gold, chocolate brown, rust, in a light was designed for heavy winter socks (toasty toes or some such) and it's in merino with some nylon for strength. It was a "dye mistake" that I bought on sale (about 660yds for $12: It has a couple of white spots where the dye didn't take, but which actually looks wonderful in the knitting). I want to do a scarf, kilt hose, and a hat out if it, but is that TOO "matchy matchy"? Would "someone" end up looking like Mary Tyler Moore in the opening sequence of the selfnamed show? Maybe just a hat and the hose?


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Hose and scarf, with

Hose and scarf, with contrasting kilt and shirt would work fine. It seems like that hat would bring the entire MTM thing into play..... BUT you could pull if off!

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I don't think they will be

I don't think they will be to matchy-matchy, unless of course these are the same colours as your kilt. Your kilt should definitely contrast with the hose, hat and scarf. Just my opinion, YMMV

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I agree with fuzzed and don't wear a veil made of the same material, it will be too much then. In the end Sunshine if it makes you feel good and you think you want to wear it because you are happy, go for it. There are worst things in the world than being outfit coordinated. You are going to look very Sharp my cyber friend!

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It may just have been lost

It may just have been lost in translation across the pond, but what on earth is/are "kilt hose"?

My best guess are thick just-below-the-knee socks, similar to those worn with the Scotts' kilt.

However, for some reason I'm also having visions of you knitting what we Brits would call "tights", and you may call "pantyhose". Should imagine these'd take up a lot of yarn, and probably wouldn't be very comfotable to wear, what with the synthetic fibre. Mind u, I suppos it'd keep your vitals warm.

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How about a Scarf, Kilt Hose

How about a Scarf, Kilt Hose and a Willie Warmer. No one will know just how matchy matchy he is ;)

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I'm gonna tell Senor

I'm gonna tell Senor Sexypants that you're talking about willy warmers again... You've been warned, lady!

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Knit them all and then send

Knit them all and then send one thing to me :o) That would solve the samey-samey problem...

I'd wear them and think of you every time of course!


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Who says you have to wear

Who says you have to wear them as a set? Hat and scarf; hat and hose; scarf and hose......

or any as seperates.

Of course; should you be in a MTM mood - then you can go with them all.

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I agree with fuzzed. It

I agree with fuzzed. It might be too MTM. :-0 If you've got the yarn, do them, cuz sometimes it could be hat/hose, other times hat/scarf, etc...

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I would go ahead and knit

I would go ahead and knit them all, but just not wear them all at once. :)